Fabrication Lead Times

November 2016

100% Uniline Blinds and Awning Fabrication Lead Times

Uniline Fabric Skins

Internal: 3 working days
External: 5 working days

Includes Uniview 5% Outdoor Skins, with Splines and zips.

Privasee® Venetian Blinds

Non Ladder Lock: 6 working days


Australian Made – 3 Weeks
Australian Made Custom Colour – 5 Weeks
Imported – 8 Weeks

Awning Kits

Standard Colours: 10 working days
Non Standard Colours: 15 working days
Llaza ART 350 and WIN 400 Awnings.

Includes Protéger Channel Lock and Wire Guide Awnings, Archline Pivot Arm Awnings, Side Channel Multi Stop Awnings, Tru-Style Automatic Roll Up Awnings.


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