Slim-series Vertical Blind

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The Slim-series offers the ultimate hassle free cutting-edge design, smooth operation, and insulation from the elements. Their sleek form suits modern decors that embrace clean, uncluttered lines, while their practicality makes them ideal for sliding doors or larger windows. Close them to block out heat, cold or glare, or have them partially open. 

Uniline Slim-series comes in two systems Rod and Chain/Cord with easy rotation to allow you to control light levels and privacy. Both systems feature stainless steel components, which resist rust – even salt-sprayed coastal climates.


Matching headrail and end caps.

5 Years Components


Choose from 3 blade widths.


Slim-series offers two systems Wand or Chain/Cord operation.

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WAND option system is so easy to use. The wand rotates the blades, hold and lead the wand in the direction you require the blades to be drawn. With their streamlined appearance and practical functionality, these blinds are a popular choice for large windows and sliding doors that require easy and frequent access.

CHAIN & CORD option enables the blades to be opened, closed and tilted 180° by means of one continuous chain loop. Chain rotates the blades, the cord draws the blades across the opening This system also has a cord safe case for child safety.


PELMET option adds that perfect elegant finish, they also help to reduce light coming in and play an important role in insulating the home in winter and summer.

Slim-series - Pemets


Compatible with our extensive and exclusive range of Uniline fabrics. Uniline Fabrics are designed to withstand Australia and New Zealand’s harsh climate. 

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