PROTECTA Deep Channel Systems

DC Deep Channel Awining Systems

5 Years ComponentsWhere good looks and shading are your priority, our Deep Channel Awning System is the right solution.

Flawless in operation and robust in appearance, the Deep Channel system shares the same aesthetic and functional attributes as the Z3 system, minus the wind resistance technology. 

Whether you are looking for the simplicity of spring operation, the reliability of crank operation or the high-tech motorised option, all are available. The lockable bottom rail option can also be used for greater security in spring operated systems.

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  • Central Locking Bottom Rail system
  • Extend your outdoor living area
  • Can be installed in both face fit and reveal fit applications
  • Full aluminium extrusion system
  • Available in spring, gearbox or motor operations
  • Central Locking system - with lockable bottom rail in spring systems 10mm adjustable tolerance on each side (for out of square applications)
  • Available in 5 standard + 40 custom hardware colours
  • Optimised for industry leading ScreenView 5% Exterior Screen
  • Fabric 5 year warranty



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