Roman Blinds

5 Years ComponentsA time-honoured classic, a Roman blind from Uniline is the ultimate designer statement. The Roman style is essentially a series of fabric panels with distinct yet subtle fold lines that give it visual appeal when lowered and create a neat stack of folds when raised. The elegant fabric folds blend seamlessly with traditional decors and can also help soften an otherwise hard-edged modern interior.

Have them custom-made in fabrics from Uniline’s ranges and, hey presto, watch your windows come alive. Choose a translucent fabric for living areas and you’ll see how Roman blinds filter natural light for a relaxing glow while still retaining a good level of privacy.

Guaranteed to look beautiful for years to come, Uniline Roman blinds come with a five-year components warranty.

Style and Ease

  • A Roman blind combines the functionality of a window shade with the decorative impact of a soft furnishing.
  • Easy to use and offer excellent light control.
  • Available with or without front battens in a range of colours to complement or contrast with the fabric.
  • Suits a wide range of fabric styles and colours.


Made to exacting standards, right here in Australia, Uniline Roman blinds will enhance the look of any window. Here’s why:

  • The innovative design means that battens are positioned without the need for unsightly staples or stitches, resulting in a quality finish.
  • Lifting Uniline’s Roman blinds is a breeze, thanks to the chain-driven mechanism. Even larger blinds weighing up to 8kg require only minimal effort.
  • The self-guiding spool greatly reduces the risk of tangled cords and ensures blinds can be raised or lowered without skewing.
  • Child safety is paramount at Uniline and that’s why all our Roman blinds come with safety devices.
  • Stainless steel cord clips keep the cords firmly in place.

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